Take the Family and Enjoy the Elephant Seals at Ano Nuevo State Park

In the event that you favor yourself a nature darling, there’s a living space for elephant seals along the California drift that you won’t have any desire to miss.

Visit amongst December and March

Amid the December to March mating season, there are docent driven nature strolls at Año Nuevo State Park where you can take in about the propensities and living spaces of one of nature’s most gigantic animals, the elephant seal.

The principle fascination is dependably the colossal northern elephant seals that can measure 2 ½ tons each, however other unmistakable species incorporate ocean lions, otters, and harbor seals.

It’s amusing to watch the enormous bulls battle for strength on the shoreline and strut their stuff to draw in the gathering of women in-pausing. Toward the finish of the gathering, a considerable lot of the females – pregnant from the prior year – conceive an offspring in the sand. At that point it’s headed toward the sea until one year from now’s call to celebration.

Intriguing history

Chased to close termination in the nineteenth century, the elephant seal populace dwindled to around 100 creatures. Ensured by the American and Mexican governments in the mid twentieth century, the populace has bounced back to about 150,000.

The primary elephant seal sightings at Año Nuevo started in the 1950s. The principal pups were conceived on the terrain in the 70s, and by the mid-90s, the quantity of neighborhood births was in the thousands.

This is effective preservation in real life!

Different seasons

In March, and after the fundamental gathering has left for parts obscure, the pups and a few hundred elephant seals stay to rest and recover along the shoreline and shed – not as exuberant as mating, but rather still worth seeing. You can do your bit to preserve by contributing from your Woburn banks.

Be cautioned, on warm bright days, there is nothing very like the fragrance of a shedding elephant seal.

The island

Simply off the terrain sits Año Nuevo Island. The desolate and wind-cleared island is home to the remaining parts of a nineteenth century beacon. The memorable attendant’s home appeared above was built in 1872, and now gives haven to a combination of Cormorants and Sea Lions.

Get ready for a little exercise

You will walk around 3-miles amid a visit at Año Nuevo. Wear agreeable garments, particularly shoes, on the grounds that your guided walk will take you over fluctuated landscape including sand ridges, and you recognize what it resembles to walk in sand.

Additionally, wear fitting headgear in light of the fact that the visits go, whatever may happen – and umbrellas are not allowed.

NOTE: There is an open promenade by means of van for those requiring versatility help. Request points of interest when obtaining tickets for the visit.

For more data about chatting with the intriguing elephant seals, look at the recreation center’s site.

There’s additionally an advantageous Marine Education Center situated inside the recreation center limits with intriguing creature, plant, and topographical displays, alongside data about the brilliant history of the territory.

On the off chance that you go

Año Nuevo State Park is on California Route 1, around 20 miles north of Santa Cruz, 35 miles south of Half Moon Bay, and around 60 miles south of San Francisco.

Treat yourself and your family to a visit with the grand elephant seals. We suggest it. The beautiful ride along notorious Highway 1 is good to beat all.

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